PACSY-ALIGN Server (beta)


Lee, W. & Markley, J.L.
PACSY-ALIGN: a new structural bioinformatics tool for efficient NMR-based protein 3D structure determination in preparation.


PACSY-ALIGN accepts, as input, the sequence and chemical shifts of the protein, and offers sequence alignments to similar proteins, simulated NOESY peak lists and assignments, distance, angle and hydrogen bond constraints, torsion angle and dynamic regions (TALOS-N) and secondary structure prediction (PECAN).

Description of input and output files can be found below.

Input instructions [Example input: ubiq.str]
Output instructions [Example output link]
Video tutorials are also available.

Brief description of PACSY-ALIGN

A service offered by the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison. Updated October 2016.

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