PINE Server v.2.0


Bahrami, A., Assadi, A., Markley, J. L. & Eghbalnia, H., Probabilistic Interaction Network of Evidence Algorithm and its Application to Complete Labeling of Peak lists from Protein NMR Spectroscopy, PLoS Comput Biol. 2009 Mar;5(3):e1000307. (read)

We are running PINE v.3.0b in parallel. Please note that this version is much more accurate than PINE v.2.0, however, as it is on beta-stage, any bug reports are welcomed. [bug report]

PINE accepts, as input, the sequence of the protein plus peak lists (or spin systems) from a variety of NMR experiments and offers automatic backbone and sidechain assignments, detection and automated correction of potential referencing problems or inconsistent assignments and secondary structure determination.

This service offered by the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison. Updated Sep 2017.

OPTIONAL: Prot_file, Pre-assignment, Selective_Labeling, Spin_Systems

Upload the empty Prot_file IF you want the output in Xeasy format (peak assigned according to prot file numbers). (Sample)
Upload the Pre-assignment file in BMRB format if any pre-assignment is available. DO NOT UPLOAD IF THE FILE IS EMPTY. (Instruction)
Upload the Selective_Labeling information file if available. (Instruction)
Upload your Spin_Systems here if you already made spin systems. Do NOT upload spin systems and peak lists together! (Instruction)

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