Download and Install ADAPT-NMR on Bruker Machines



To install ADAPT_NMR follow these steps:

1) Download and save the ADAPT-NMR package ( file onto your computer (e.g. on your home directory: /home/whlee)

2) Create and cd to your adapt_src directory    (e.g. mkdir /home/whlee/adapt_src; cd /home/whlee/adapt_src)

3) Run the unzip command from within this directory (e.g. unzip  /home/whlee/

4) Run (e.g. python

5) Go to adapt_src/adapt_nmr/libraries directory and install the MATLAB libraries - this will take a few minutes

  (e.g. cd /home/whlee/adapt_src/adapt_nmr/libraries  ;  and then Follow the instruction in readme.txt)

6) Go to essentials directory (e.g. cd /home/whlee/adapt_src/essentials) and update the first two lines of parameters.txt file as follows:

               -adapt_home       : should be the directory where adapt_nmr was installed, e.g.: /home/whlee/adapt_src/adapt_nmr

               -nmrpipe_source   : should point to the NMRPipe source file required to run NMRPipe (it comes with NMRPipe)

7) Follow instructions in strategy_B.README in the essentials directory to run ADAPT_NMR. Also, a full description of input files and output files has been provided in the website. 


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