ADAPT-NMR Input Files



File provided by the user:

1.      Parameter file

2.      Sequence file

3.      Optional sidechain peak lists

Internal files (These files are either already generated or will be generated at the run time by ADAPT-NMR. Modifications by the user are generally not recommended):

1.      Experiments to be collected (ADAPT_list.txt). The default experiments are:


2.      Collected experiments and 2D planes (input_hifi.txt). This file contains the information about the collected spectra (experiment type and the tilted planes collected) and the location of their processed data (ft2 files). It is absolutely important for communication of data collection module and data analysis module.

3.      Suggested experiment and tilted plane (suggested_plane.txt). This file, generated by the data analysis module, suggests the experiment and the tilted plane to be collected, to the data collection module

4.      NMRPIPE script for processing ( for tilted planes and for orthogonal planes).