HIFI V. 0.1 (SUN)

  • This is the beta release of the HIFI package for fast automated backbone data collection.


  • At this point the experiments supported are the most sensitive and robust ones. These are the standard experiments:
  • hnco
  • hnca
  • hncoca
  • cbcaconh
  • hncacb
  • hncb (same sequence as hncacb but with longer ca->cb transfer as a result no ca in peak list)

  • As for all 3D -> 2D methods, HIFI will work for well-behaved small to medium size proteins. Please note that, similar to any other NMR experiment, HIFI requires some minimum signal strenght.


  • To evaluate whether HIFI will work for your protein or not, you can collect the 0 degree orthogonal planes (i.e. H1-C13 2D planes) for a reasonable amount of scans and time. If you are able to easily see most of the peaks in these 2D planes (don't worry about overlap, just peak intensity), then you can start the automated HIFI data collection. But, if you only see few peaks in the 2D-planes, then HIFI (and, most likely, any other fast method) will not work. For such a protein you may try running long 3D experiments (where signal gets accumulated over a long period of time) although, in the end, peaks may be missing from such spectra as well.

  • Please follow the instructions in the INSTALL file to install the package.


  •  After installing the package please look at the examples in the hifi/examples directory and the documentation in the hifi/man directory or download the examples here to learn how to set up the automated HIFI run.


  • You can download the HIFI V. 0.1 (SUN) package here.


  • A Powerpoint presentation describing HIFI is also available (PPT / PDF).


  • Please contact us if you have question or problems. Any input and suggestion are greatly appreciated.

Marco Tonelli   - tonelli@nmrfam.wisc.edu

Arash Bahrami   - abahrami@wisc.edu

Hamid Eghbalnia - eghbalni@nmrfam.wisc.edu